Useful Facts About Last Mile Delivery

When businesses rely on the express shipment of packages or important packages (like legal documents or proprietary products), there have long been a handful of options available. Typically, the postal service or carrier services have filled this need to connect organizations with their end buyers, but there are times when those options are undesirable or even unavailable. In those instances, a growing number of companies are hopping aboard with last mile delivery.

Are you familiar with last mile delivery and the advantages it can bring? Keep reading for some key information and important tips about this growing trend in courier services:

What is last mile delivery?

Last mile delivery is a strategy for getting a package directly to a client’s office, warehouse, or other key location after a larger freight service brought the product to the region or area. While the freight service takes the goods most of the way, last mile delivery completes the final portion of the journey (whether that’s actually greater than or less than a mile) to the client’s doorstep. This service differs from postal services or carrier services that take the product from origin to destination in full.

Why should you use last mile delivery?

If there are services that can directly take a product from the seller to the buyer, then why is last mile delivery necessary? Typically, last mile delivery services come into play when the specific parcel being delivered is unsuitable for the major national carriers. For example, a large appliance may need a delivery that is far too big for a typical carrier truck, requiring the utilization of a last mile delivery to bring the parcel from warehouse to customer. For example, shipping a new dishwasher to a restaurant or display pieces for a retail outlet would be prohibitively expensive, or potentially not even possible, via traditional postal service or service carriers. Going further, companies receiving last mile delivery may also receive added benefits that would be unthinkable with the postal service, such as carrying that display piece to the exact part of the store where it’s needed or removing the old dishwasher out of the restaurant that’s being replaced.

How does last mile delivery work?

When you want to take advantage of last mile delivery for the delivery you’re offering your client, you will first arrange for the product to be transported on a larger freight truck, as close as possible to the end destination, typically a warehouse or somewhere similar. From there, the last mile delivery service provider can pick it up and bring it directly to the client. They will typically call the end destination ahead of time to arrange a time window in which to deliver and be more hands-on than major carriers. Depending on what’s being delivered, the last mile delivery courier personnel can help set up the product (such as furniture, an appliance, or even art), and will have the client sign off that the product was delivered. It’s just that easy!

What do you need to keep in mind when utilizing last mile delivery?

Last mile delivery enables a more personalized service with the customers to arrange a time and location of delivery. Many customers may not be anticipating this level of service, so it’s important to remember to explain the whole process to the customers. Similarly, the direct feedback process between the customer and last mile delivery provider is vital to ensure the process is optimized and customer-friendly, so be sure to make automatic feedback avenues available and user-friendly.

Professional courier services are growing rapidly, continuing to fill in gaps where the national providers are falling short. Last mile delivery is a key area of focus. Econo-Courier is a trusted and reliable courier service for last mile delivery in the New York Metropolitan area. If you have questions, get in touch with us today.