Benefits of Last Mile Delivery for Supply Chain Managers

Customers expect their packages to be delivered to their home or business on time in today’s eCommerce run world. When customers receive a delayed, damaged, or wrong package, the package management supply chain is impacted. As a result, logistics incur extra costs, and customers are left unhappy.

In order to ensure packages are delivered correctly on the first attempt, last mile delivery is the right solution for supply chain managers to implement. By leveraging last mile delivery software tools, supply chain managers can deliver packages to consumers quickly, reliably, and efficiently.

Let’s take a look at how last mile delivery benefits the supply chain for package management.

Precision Route Tracking

When couriers deliver your package using last mile delivery, they follow a precise route to your address. This route is optimized for vehicle size, location, time, and traffic. As a result, drivers can quickly reroute and change roads to steer clear of any traffic issues that arise, so your package is delivered when expected.

Optimized Delivery

Knowing when a package is delivered is vital. Last mile delivery improves package traceability through tracking information. As the package moves through each step of the supply chain, it is followed and recorded. This allows supply chain managers to see where the package is and at what stage of delivery. Once the package arrives at its final destination, the courier driver will implement data into the system stating that the package was signed for, dropped off at its intended location, and at what time. Supply chain managers can then use this information to reduce disputes and optimize the delivery process.

Increased Customer Engagement

Last mile delivery enhances the customer engagement experience. When customers place an order through an eCommerce business, they’re instantly given a tracking code from the courier working with the online shop. Customers can then track in real-time the movement of their package and contact the courier through an online chat or telephone call. This creates increased communication and engagement between both the customer and the courier to reduce any delivery issues.

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