How LTL Shipping is Ready to Capture the E-Commerce Market

As more consumers continue to purchase products online, the acceleration in e-commerce buying and selling is causing significant changes in how brands and retailers look at getting their products to the end consumer. One delivery method that is meeting this growing demand is LTL shipping.

What is LTL Shipping?

LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping is the transportation of smaller freight and packages that don’t require an entire trailer’s space. The shipment typically consists of goods, commodities, and cargo that can range up to 10,000 pounds and be no more than six pallets in size.

When Did the Demand Begin?

Businesses realized the benefits of LTL shipping back in 2020, when the pandemic began. Many consumers turned to online shopping as they were forced to stay and work at home. As a result, people worldwide began making online purchases that they’d generally have to go to the store for, such as appliances, furniture, food, medications, and housing materials.

How Can LTL Shipping Capture New Demands?

Due to its network flexibility and ability to move quickly, LTL shipping can capture the growing e-commerce market. Many LTL providers have leveraged their trucks with new offloading equipment to handle larger and bulkier items easily.

LTL providers also utilize smaller, localized warehouses that are closer to the end consumer. This allows them to efficiently carry more inventory and deliver it to the correct location.

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