The Benefits of White Glove Delivery for Final-Mile Shipments

White glove delivery is the crème de la crème of final-mile logistics. It provides the highest level of service and support to businesses when they need to get their delicate and large products delivered to customers.

Many industries benefit from white glove delivery, including healthcare, e-commerce, home and household appliances, construction, manufacturing, and professional services.

Let’s look at how white glove delivery benefits final-mile shipments.

Better Customer Service

White glove delivery provides final-mile shipments with exceptional service. This is due to a more hands-on approach to the handling and transportation of the product into an office space, facility, warehouse, construction site, or home. Trained handling specialists can custom pack the sensitive products, load and unload the package with care, perform light assembly, and remove any left-over debris. These individuals will always drive company branded vehicles and wear a professional uniform and an ID badge. By providing your customers with a white glove delivery service, you’ll exceed their expectations and build a trustworthy relationship.

Reliable Delivery

In today’s fast-paced society, customers want to know where their package, letter, or parcel is and the estimated arrival time. White glove delivery ensures customers that their package is handled with care through each step of the delivery process. Each package is given a unique tracking code that monitors its movement and location. This allows supply chain managers and consumers to track the package and ensure it arrives on time at the right place.

Couriers will also notify the customer when the package will arrive to ensure the individual is there to sign for it and direct the courier to the best location to place it down and unbox it.

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