How Can LTL Trucking Up Your Productivity

Many companies need shipping and delivery services. However, they often don’t have enough products or cargo to fill an entire trailer – causing a delay in delivering products. Today’s customers expect orders to arrive quickly and when promised, making it imperative that companies find an alternative to their shipping needs. One popular choice is utilizing less-than-truckload (LTL) trucks or shipping which lets multiple businesses combine their shipments to fill a trailer.

How LTL Trucking Optimizes Cost Reduction

Historically, LTL trucking was a costly option for businesses, but in recent years it has grown in popularity, resulting in numerous benefits for businesses.

1. Improved Customer Satisfaction.

Building a loyal following of customers is a big goal for many businesses because retaining customers is less costly than attracting new ones. The biggest benefit of using LTL trucking is the faster turnaround time for getting shipments on the road. When customers receive orders quickly, and on time, they are more likely to reorder in the future.

2. Fewer Damaged Packages.

When goods need to be shipped across the country or out of state, they are often handled on multiple occasions. By using LTL trucking, businesses can securely package goods on skids or inside of crates to prevent it from getting damaged in transit. Securing the items this way means goods will be moved by skid, minimizing the opportunity for damage and reducing the costs of having to reship items later on.

3. Real-Time Information.

The continuous upgrades to technology make it easy for businesses to track shipments in real time instead of having to track down items by phone or email. Having instant access to this information allows representatives to focus their time on other pertinent items. In addition to improving business efficiency, companies cut costs on wasted time while being able to answer customer questions quickly and build trust and rapport.

4. Further Reach.

Relying on parcel delivery services or tractor-trailer services, businesses limit themselves with who they can serve. Rush orders are not possible for businesses that depend on tractor-trailer services if they don’t produce enough goods to fill the trailer. Alternatively, if they use parcel services, it can be expensive to deliver outside of their immediate area. LTL trucking allows for faster order processing while saving money, enabling businesses to reach a broader audience.

In addition to the quality courier services we are known for, Econo-Courier also offers LTL trucking to businesses. Contact our office today to learn how LTL trucking can save you money and help maintain customer satisfaction.