Courier Training Is Key To A Successful Fleet

Couriers are one of the most valuable components of a successful fleet. Whether businesses utilize in-house courier drivers or outsource to a professional company, proper courier training is essential. Technology, safety protocols, and industry standards change rapidly in the delivery industry making it a challenge for couriers to stay on top of everything without ongoing training. Businesses benefit from proper courier training because they have less to worry about and can focus on delivering products and services to customers in a timely fashion.

Benefits of Courier Training

While courier training may be an additional expense, the benefits of ongoing education pays for itself in many ways.

1. Reduced risk on the road.

An expectation for most couriers is that they make deliveries in a variety of weather types including wind, rain, and snow. Unfortunately, not all drivers have experience driving in conditions like these which results in poor choices, aggressive driving, and hard braking. When courier training includes education on how to make the right choices behind the wheel, drivers gain the skills they need to make safe driving decisions.

Safer driving decisions result in fewer fines, accidents, and tickets. Fewer setbacks like these result in efficient deliveries, happy customers, and lower expenses.

2. Better maintained vehicles.

By teaching couriers how to make safe decisions quickly, check their own daily driving habits, and any changes to driving laws impacting their route, couriers take better care of vehicles. When couriers drive vehicles properly, there is less wear and tear, unexpected breakdowns, dents/scrapes, and time spent in the garage awaiting repairs.

3. Reduced workers compensation claims.

Educating couriers to be aware of their own health needs is also an essential part of training, especially if drivers spend the majority of the day on the road. Often times, untrained couriers push themselves to the limit, skipping necessary breaks and time to refuel. Educating and enforcing breaks for drivers improves their health, reduces accidents, and minimizes workers compensation claims and premium increases.

4. Build confidence in drivers.

When drivers feel confident, it is reflected in how they communicate with others including customers. Proper training keeps couriers from doubting their abilities allowing them to focus on the road and customer service.

5. Higher courier retention.

Losing employees is one of the costliest expenses a business undergoes. In the courier industry, drivers can be challenging to attract making the loss even more expensive. By training couriers, businesses improve confidence while creating a positive culture for employees to work. A positive culture improves employee retention and decreases turnover costs.

Providing courier training can be a difficult task for smaller organizations, which is why many businesses trust Econo-Courier with their delivery needs. All of our couriers receive the proper training to serve our customers best. Contact us today to learn more about courier services.