Technology’s Impact on Courier Services

The courier industry has grown so much over the past 15 years because of the speed and reliability it provides clients when making a delivery. On the other side of things, the courier industry has grown because of the technology that has been implemented. Let’s take a good look at the impact technology has made on courier services in this post.

Online Services 

Quite possibly the most popular technology advancement affecting the courier industry is that of online services. Couriers now allow their clients to do pretty much everything online. This includes booking pickup, scheduling delivery, selecting packaging, making payments, and much more. Being able to manage your courier account online saves time and money for the company using the courier service.

Handheld Devices 

Couriers are now using handheld devices, such as scanners and tablets, to reduce the amount of paper waste. Aside from reducing the amount of paperwork, handheld devices help to reduce the chances of packages being lost during transport. When packages are misplaced it costs the courier service more in operating costs, as employees have to track it down. Handheld devices can also capture signatures of customers upon delivery and then store them for future reference.


Courier services are also utilizing GPS in their everyday operations. Not only does GPS allow the courier service the opportunity to track their own employees, but also gives clients the ability to track where their packages are located. Clients of courier services can track their package from the minute it is picked up by the courier to the minute it is delivered to the recipient.

Route Optimization 

Route optimization is a piece of technology that more and more courier services are offering to their clients. It helps clients of couriers get the most effective service possible from a cost-efficient standpoint. Route optimization will ensure that package pickup and any stops occur within a window of time that you specify. Flexibility is a big part of route optimization. This technology feature allows couriers the flexibility to make changes on the fly should issues arise without warning. Route optimization also provides couriers with the best delivery routes to take in the hopes of cutting down on time and even gas usage, all of which helps to cut down costs.

Electronic Data Storage 

Courier services are also using electronic data storage to cut down on time and clerical costs. Electronically stored data can be sorted, searched, and accessed much quicker than paperwork sitting in a filing cabinet. It also takes up less space in the office and reduces costs for paper, ink, files, and other office supplies. Electronic data can also be transmitted between employees and to clients, when requested, much quicker.

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