The Difference Between Freight and Courier Shipping

Freight shipping and courier shipping are actually less alike than most people would think. Aside from the fact that both methods are used to transport items from one location to another, they are unique in their overall delivery methods. Today, let’s take a look at those differences and how you can choose the best option for your business.

Explaining Freight Shipping 

Freight shipping works best for companies that need to ship large quantities of an item, or multiple items. The most popular freight option is LTL shipping. LTL is short for less-than-load or less-than-truckload. These are shipments that are not big enough to fill the larger 48-or-53-foot trailers. The reason LTL freight is so popular is because of its cost effectiveness. Companies are only paying for the space they use in an LTL trailer, not the entire trailer. The space is shared between multiple shipments.

The other freight shipping option out there is FTL shipping, which is short for full-truckload. This is when a company uses an entire truck that is between the sizes of 48 and 53-feet. This is a more expensive option for freight shipping and is usually only used when companies regularly ship full truckloads of product.

There are courier services, like Econo-Courier, operating today that also offer freight shipping. A trusted courier service can provide your company with an empty tractor trailer at your location. The driver can wait while it is filled and then make the delivery. If you need more time to load, the truck can be dropped at your company and filled at your convenience. Once the shipment is ready, the driver will return to secure the trailer before delivery.

Explaining Courier Service 

The courier industry is a door-to-door service that offers same-day delivery to most places. Companies and individuals alike typically choose a courier over standard mail delivery because of the its quick delivery speeds and high quality services offered.

A courier service brings many advantages to the table compared to a freight service. One of those advantages is that the courier will personally hand deliver the item to its recipient. This reduces the chances of the item being broken or lost en route to its destination.

Do you have a delivery that won’t fill an entire tractor trailer, but don’t want to share the truck with other deliveries? A trusted courier service can provide your company with a smaller truck, such as a box truck, for the delivery.

Then there is Econo-Courier’s Man-In-A-Van service, which is perfect for companies that make regular deliveries. You can have a courier and a van assigned specifically to your company. This courier will become your company’s permanent delivery person for as long as you require the service, without having to actually add people to your staff or purchase vans for your fleet.

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