Why You Want to Ship Your Goods with An LTL Trucking Service

If you require a freight shipping service, chances are it will be done via less-than-truckload (LTL) trucking. This is usually the case if you have smaller items to ship or anything that does not take up the entire cargo space of a truck. LTL trucking can provide a great service for your shipping needs and offers many benefits.

5 Benefits of LTL Trucking

Financial. The bottom line for any business is always front of mind, so if you need to ship several items but want to save money, then LTL shipping is the way to go. The way they can offer such great pricing is because since you are shipping items that don’t take up a full truckload, other businesses’ shipments will be on the same truck.

Environment. Since you are allowing the freight shipper to combine your shipments with others, it really cuts down on the carbon emissions for everyone involved, and this crucial in helping the environment.

Risk Management. Most LTL trucking uses crates and pallets to ship items, which means the packages are safer than if they were in regular boxes. Boxes are usually handled more frequently than the items put into a crate or onto a pallet. Shipping LTL means you can rest assured your items will be delivered in top-notch condition.

Bells and Whistles. LTL shipping is an excellent option because they offer more services that might benefit your needs. From freeze protection to notifications to lift gates, you can’t go wrong if you are looking for a reliable shipment option with extra services.

Tracking. Follow along as your shipments move from their pickup area to their destination. Tracking the shipment is streamlined with LTL, which can truly simplify the entire process. Guaranteed delivery dates can be monitored and confirmed.

All of these are excellent reasons to use LTL trucking as your preferred way of delivering your goods or receiving inventory. Contact Econo-Courier today to discuss your options!